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We make RPA and AI talent available to businesses any where in the world

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The talent gap in numbers

of businesses cite digital transformation as
a priority according to an IDT global study

of respondents had employees with the right
skills to embark on a smooth digital transformation

increase in the number of AI job opportunities
between June 2015 and June 2017

All about talent

The transformational effect that RPA and AI bring to companies has created a serious shortage of experienced and qualified people who can meet the digital talent demand. U.S. and Canadian businesses are looking beyond traditional sources for geographically close and cost-effective talent.

DAPI´s RPA and AI talent hubs in New York and Medellín, Colombia will provide companies with direct access to trained, experienced and certified professionals on demand and at scale.


Listen to Frank Casale

Co-founder of the
digital americas pipeline initiative and other
business leaders talk about the opportunities in Medellín

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