Whether you are looking to start a career in RPA/AI, an experienced professional, or an existing RPA/AI service provider interested in sub-contracting, we can help you find your next opportunity.

Your Future is Now!

  • Candidates will be trained in the most commercialized RPA, AI/machine learning applications and digital innovation in the world.
  • You’ll gain access to leading organizations in North and South America that are seeking skilled employees and contract workers in the growing RPA & AI marketplace.
  • Select individuals will be admitted to an apprenticeship program where they’ll be prepared to re-enter a sponsoring company’s organization.
  • Already skilled in RPA & AI technology? If so, we can place you immediately!

You’ll be trained on some of the most powerful enterprise RPA and AI Platforms available from UiPath and Blue Prism. Some of the coursework offered are:

Introduction to RPA

• RPA defined

• Types of RPA

• Evolution of RPA

• Sourcing RPA

Introduction to AI

• Terminology and concepts

• The importance and need for AI with examples

• How AI systems work

• Real world AI application examples

• Advice on AI careers from executives and field experts: panel discussion


Advanced AI

• Intelligent Agents and Problems of AI

• Solving Problems by Searching

• Local Agents and Knowledge Presentation

• Artificial Neural Network Learning

• Philosophical Foundations of AI


Training Programs


We’ll conduct boot-camp training for 60 days for commercialized RPA and AI software applications. It will be a combination of on-line and classroom training with real world experience. You’ll receive certifications and be client-ready.


Select individuals will be admitted into a 180 day residency program where they will apply their training skills. The apprenticeship will prepare them to re-enter a sponsoring company’s organization with hands-on experience.


Upon completion of the Apprenticeship residency program, you’ll be assigned to RPA & AI projects with some of the leading global enterprises and service providers. You’ll continue to benefit from training as new technologies emerge in order to remain at the cutting edge.
As a result of our alliance with the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and AI  www.irpaai.com, we have direct access to some of the most interesting and attractive RPA and AI projects in North America and Latam. IRPAAI members include a who’s who of the largest users of emerging technology in the world.  These global 2000 organizations include: IBM, EY, PwC, Google, Accenture, Capgemini, Dell, Federal Express, General Motors, Infosys, Johnsons and Johnson, JP Morgan, Prudential, Qualcomm, UPS, Visa, Walmart, Wells Fargo, … to name a few.
The Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative not only has world class training and a great working environment but relationships with and access to the most interesting projects with the worlds leading companies.