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Meet the
Leadership Team

Our leadership team works closely together to develop a vivid company which looks for new opportunities, technologies and future grow every single day.

Frank Casale

Co-Founder, CEO

Prior to launching the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative, Frank founded the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) in 2013, and The Outsourcing Institute, a global network of over 70,000 executive members including leading practitioners, service providers, advisors, thought leaders, industry observers and analysts.

As a pioneer and visionary leader with more than 25 years of outsourcing expertise, Frank continuously monitors industry and business trends to identify new ways to increase efficiencies, speed and success of outsourcing transactions and relationships. He has been recognized for reliably anticipating market developments, such as the emerging role of the chief resource officer (CRO) and Outsourcing 2.0, as well as the evolution of the new digital outsourcing and the revolution of automation innovation.

Frank has been featured on CNN and CNBC and has served as a commentator for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, FORTUNE magazine and The New York Times. Frank has been recognized as reliably anticipating market developments and business trends that work to increase the overall efficiency, speed and success of sourcing transactions and relationships.

Sam Gross

Co-Founder, CTO

Sam Gross lives life at the leading edge of technology. He brings a visionary zeal to the technology industry, forcing innovation and inspiring intelligent automation at all levels, melding an exemplary understanding of what is changing with proven business acumen.

Sam has established a compelling track record, creating next-gen products for CompuCom, Unisys, CSC, and Siemens, developing both emerging technology platforms and strategic markets. He has pioneered platform technologies that transformed IT services across financial services, telecommunications, retail, and healthcare at the nexus of each new era in technology and the marketplace. He now brings this same zeal to the creative of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative.

A transformational technology evangelist, Sam also serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) and is the founder and CEO on an AI startup, ChoiceWORX LLC. His roles at various companies have given him a demonstrated ability to ignite business development endeavors, including developing an impressive professional network. Sam holds diplomas from the Chubb Institute and the National Training Laboratories (NTL) Institute and is often invited as a plenary speaker at industry forums and client events. He is frequently sought after for background and quotes in the press and currently serves in a Special Advisory role for notable organizations and on multiple technical advisory boards.

Pedro A. Pineda Fuentes

Pedro Pineda


Pedro Pineda is COO & General Manager of DAPI Colombia, responsible for DAPI’s business operations and strategic growth in the Latam region.

Prior to joining DAPI Pedro served as Country Manager of one the largest ITO Companies in Latin America.

Pedro also had an outstanding performance as IT Manager of largest international companies focused on High Tech, Telco and Gold Mining.

Pedro holds a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduation degree in Systems.

Pedro was selected as one of the best corporate leaders of 2019 by “La Nota Económica” Magazine.